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......@@ -95,6 +95,13 @@ The database construction process included the integration of 10 external source
* [Vasquez 2011](
* [CoryneRegNet](
For each external source, we wrote several Python scripts to Extract, Expand (Knowledge), Transform and Load data. Each source has its own
parser, due to data heterogeneity. The database is divided in two large sections, the Staging Area and the TRN Universal Graph units. Data is
always loaded in the Staging Area, before being integrated in the TRN Universal Graph Unit.
The main differences between both units is the lack of processing and duplicate removal in the former. The Staging Area is merely a compilation
of the retrieved and transformed (from source data type to graph structures) data, while the TRN Universal Graph unit only has data which went
through extensive processing and filtering to create Transcriptional Regulatory Networks, as detailed as possible, without redundancies and duplicate information.
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