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......@@ -104,6 +104,14 @@ through extensive processing and filtering to create Transcriptional Regulatory
The following sections, further detail the developed code.
This is the script to run to create the database from retrieved external data. The "" module is integrated within this one, creating a
log file with a short quantitative summary of the database's contents during construction. By default, the functions assume that the data
has been processed and create the database automatically. Each function has a "preprocessing" boolean flag, that can be activated to repeat
preprocessing for a given external source. If the user wants to update an already integrated external source, it can do so by running the launcher
functions associated with that source (data will be duplicated in the Staging Area as intended, but not in the TRN Universal Graph unit).
If the user has a file with the same structure as the file used to integrate the external source data in the TRN Universal Graph unit,
there is no need to repeat preprocessing. If the user only has a newer version of the raw data retrieved from the external source, it is
mandatory to repeat the preprocessing stages (preprocessing=True).
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