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......@@ -42,10 +42,14 @@ Universidade do Minho's VPN (to access Blueprint's database hosted in the Palsso
To access the database via web browser it is only necessary to have access to the Universidade do Minho's VPN and follow the previous instructions.
To access Blueprint's source code and Request system via SSH access to the Palsson server it is necessary to have access to the Universidade do Minho's VPN
and to a [Ubuntu]( command line.
To install Python, access the following link:
and to a [Ubuntu]( command line. To explore all of Blueprint's content
after downloading the rar file from the OneDrive service, it is necessary to fulfill a few prerequisites.
All code was written in Python 3.6, thus it it is necessary to install [Python]( Any Python 3 version should work
fine but it is recommendable to install Python 3.6 or higher for optimal performance. The latest Python version, at the time of writing is 3.7.3 and
it is fully compatible with Blueprint Repository.
To install Neo4j, access the following link:
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