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......@@ -81,6 +81,21 @@ The downloadable Blueprint Repository rar file is divided in four directories:
* topology - a document detailing the database's structure, its topology and the meaning behind the data and its relationships
* code - contains all code developed for the five repository systems; Data Retrieval, Knowledge Expansion, Integration, Report and Request. Additional tools, such as Automatic Integration of TRNs are also in this directory
#### Code - Structure
The database construction process included the integration of 10 external sources:
* [RegulonDB](
* [Collectf](
* [RegPrecise](
* [DBTBS](
* [Faria JP 2016](
* [Palsson 2017](
* [Ortiz 2015](
* [Turkarslan 2015](
* [Vasquez 2011](
* [CoryneRegNet](
## Authors
* **Diogo Lima**
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