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Blueprint Repository was implemented with a Neoj database. This database management system includes the Neo4j Browser tool which allows
users to access a given database's contents with a web browser, without requiring programming knowledge. After connecting to Universidade
do Minho's VPN, go to the following [link]( to aceess Neo4j Browser.
do Minho's VPN, go to the following [link]( to access Neo4j Browser. In the main page enter the following
* Connect URL - bolt://
* Username - neo4j
* Password - admin
Click the left database logo to see the database's contents, including its nodes, relationships and properties. One may click any of the
aforementioned entities to automatically access a set of examples. Custom queries may be entered in the upper bar prompt. Neo4j Browser
does not give access to Blueprint's source code, data and tools but it enables accessing the database's contents without requiring additional dependencies.
#### Palsson server SSH access to source code and Request system via Ubuntu command line
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