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Commit 60067599 authored by Davide Lagoa's avatar Davide Lagoa
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This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
cpd15236 gluala
cpd27222 oh1
cpd04580 taxol
cpd12194 tyrtrna
cpd21925 23dappa
cpd08928 thrp
cpd03246 tdchola
cpd03244 tdechola
cpd03243 gdchola
cpd16587 sucald
cpd15252 m3macchitppdol
cpd15250 m1macchitppdol
cpd15251 m2macchitppdol
cpd03279 din
cpd15249 lystrna
cpd15242 hxc2coa
cpd27218 trnahis
cpd27269 trnaile
cpd19645 ca2
cpd03294 arbtn_fe3
cpd03292 peng
cpd03289 nal2a6o
cpd03287 oxag
cpd03285 3spyr
cpd03282 athr__L
cpd15299 zym_int1
cpd15290 q6
cpd15291 q6h2
cpd08995 mcbts
cpd15283 psph1p
cpd17002 5drib
cpd09410 dmtphllqne
cpd11723 adfdRD
cpd11724 adfdOX
cpd21995 ahandrostan
cpd11715 pail_cho
cpd11718 3hacoa
cpd11713 doldp
cpd11751 trnatyr
cpd30034 pcrd
cpd30035 pcox
cpd11750 rhodopsin
cpd23744 gdpfuc
cpd30040 pqqrd
cpd30041 starch300
cpd11741 chitos
cpd09420 hg2
cpd09429 3ophb_5
cpd30039 pqqox
cpd10409 ni2
cpd29055 pe161
cpd10408 ibutoh
cpd29054 pe160
cpd05098 ca2
cpd02817 cob
cpd02820 uaccg
cpd20696 CE0737
cpd10430 CE2084
cpd11763 dnac
cpd09444 HC01842
cpd14700 2mhop
cpd08021 dmso
cpd14702 2mhob
cpd08023 mso3
cpd11677 tag_cho
cpd02717 omaenol
cpd02720 5aprbu
cpd02721 d5kgp
cpd11668 pencil
cpd11669 q
cpd11665 qh2
cpd11662 dolichol
cpd02707 omaketo
cpd02703 uacmamu
cpd02711 2ddg6p
cpd02710 caphis
cpd21015 anhm
cpd21016 acmum6p
cpd11657 starch
cpd14721 metox
cpd14720 metsox_R__L
cpd11691 ha
cpd01409 Sptmyn
cpd02738 mhpglu
cpd01414 tet
cpd02740 gdptp
cpd14718 preq0
cpd11685 mannan
cpd11686 pectin
cpd11681 rbrdxOX
cpd11683 chtn
cpd02724 sl2a6o
cpd02733 dchac
cpd01400 phe__L
cpd02731 hkndd
cpd01401 phllqne
cpd02730 kdo8p
cpd21039 cdp_inost
cpd00103 prpp
cpd00102 g3p
cpd01433 n2ppn
cpd00105 rib__D
cpd00104 btn
cpd02762 mppp9om
cpd02760 cellb6p
cpd00101 r5p
cpd00100 glyc
cpd01430 retinal_11_cis
cpd09395 ca2
cpd09385 ca2
cpd02746 decdp
cpd01415 thiog
cpd02755 fecost
cpd02754 2pcpgc
cpd01420 caro
cpd12105 mettrna
cpd12100 glytrna
cpd00118 ptrc
cpd00117 ala__D
cpd00119 his__L
cpd01449 chlld
cpd00125 mlthf
cpd02788 mi12356p
cpd00127 phenol
cpd00126 gmp
cpd02784 23doguln
cpd00121 inost
cpd01454 C02147
cpd00120 btcoa
cpd00123 3mob
cpd01451 cyeuol
cpd00122 acgam
cpd00107 leu__L
cpd26715 xolest_cho
cpd00106 fum
cpd00109 focytC
cpd00108 gal
cpd00114 imp
cpd23695 hpglu
cpd00113 ipdp
cpd02775 4ampm
cpd00116 meoh
cpd00115 datp
cpd23693 CE2872
cpd00110 focytC
cpd02774 dheas
cpd00112 cmpacna
cpd22366 CE5853
cpd00111 gthox
cpd01441 acmalt
cpd00139 glyclt
cpd21088 pmeACP
cpd00147 5mta
cpd00146 cbp
cpd00149 cobalt2
cpd21087 pimACP
cpd00143 phpyr
cpd00142 acac
cpd01476 ppp9
cpd00145 hpyr
cpd00144 udpglcur
cpd00141 ppa
cpd00129 pro__L
cpd00128 ade
cpd01459 glyleu
cpd02799 micit
cpd00136 4hbz
cpd01468 mmal
cpd00135 hcys__L
cpd00138 man
cpd00137 cit
cpd00132 asn__L
cpd01465 leuktrC4
cpd00134 pmtcoa
cpd00133 ncam
cpd02791 5mdru1p
cpd00130 mal__L
cpd21090 mptamp
cpd17832 h2o2
cpd25418 hmccms
cpd00169 3pg
cpd00168 23dhb
cpd01499 2mbald
cpd00165 ham
cpd00164 glcur
cpd01495 2amac
cpd00167 crm_cho
cpd00166 adocbl
cpd01496 amuco
cpd00161 thr__L
cpd00160 chsterol
cpd00163 udpxyl
cpd00162 etha
cpd12139 protds
cpd12132 sertrna
cpd12133 valtrna
cpd00158 cellb
cpd00157 dha
cpd00159 lac__L
cpd00154 xyl__D
cpd00153 bz
cpd01487 xyl__D
cpd00156 val__L
cpd00155 glycogen
cpd01482 ugam
cpd00150 cyan
cpd01480 txa2
cpd00152 agm
cpd00151 thym
cpd17853 CE5665
cpd17852 CE5276
cpd12164 protrna
cpd03218 acaro
cpd03217 lycop
cpd03216 neuspn
cpd03215 zcarote
cpd03214 phdp
cpd00186 glu__D
cpd00183 sarcs
cpd04541 CE6415
cpd00182 adn
cpd00185 arab__D
cpd00184 thymd
cpd00180 oxa
cpd00179 malt
cpd00176 2ddglcn
cpd04534 3mbald
cpd00175 udpacgal
cpd04533 iamoh
cpd00178 acetone
cpd03200 mnt
cpd00177 dadp
cpd00171 ru5p__D
cpd16507 34dhbald
cpd15217 alpam
cpd15212 4mzym_int1
cpd15213 4mzym_int2
cpd12185 1ag3p_SC
cpd29819 HC01668
cpd08926 psphings
cpd03233 HC01459
cpd15207 3ohxccoa
cpd15205 3hxccoa
cpd15203 2oph_5
cpd15204 3hodcoa
cpd15201 2ommbl_5
cpd15202 2omph_5
cpd12173 fldrd
cpd15200 2omhmbl_5
cpd08908 dhcrm_cho
cpd00198 xu5p__D
cpd00197 34dhbz
cpd03223 ergtetrol
cpd00199 sucsal
cpd03221 zymst
cpd03220 gcarote
cpd00193 aps
cpd00196 actp
cpd00190 glc__D
cpd00192 coucoa
cpd00191 msa
cpd16449 degly
cpd27104 core3
cpd27106 core4
cpd03135 C05284
cpd27100 trnagln
cpd30743 ser__L
cpd04461 mincyc
cpd03130 oc2coa
cpd27101 trnaglu
cpd30745 tyr__L
cpd16438 5flurimp
cpd16435 aflburppa
cpd16436 aflbala
cpd30760 cu
cpd30761 octdp
cpd16434 56dh5flura
cpd12072 protdt
cpd03129 dc2coa
cpd03128 dccoa
cpd03127 td2coa
cpd03126 hdd2coa
cpd00099 cl
cpd29778 gacpail_hs
cpd03125 hx2coa
cpd00098 chol
cpd29779 mgacpail_hs
cpd03124 hxcoa
cpd03123 3ohcoa
cpd04454 3mbzalc
cpd27116 trnagly
cpd03122 3hhcoa
cpd00095 dhap
cpd00094 2obut
cpd03121 3oocoa
cpd00097 pqq
cpd03120 3hocoa
cpd00096 cdp
cpd00091 ump
cpd30756 oxalc
cpd00090 idp
cpd00093 anth
cpd00092 ura
cpd04486 nifedipine
cpd03151 3hph5mb
cpd15127 mththf
cpd03149 chlb
cpd03148 cholphya
cpd03147 C05302
cpd03146 C05301
cpd03145 C05300
cpd03144 C05299
cpd03143 C05298
cpd06201 so2
cpd03178 omaenol
cpd03174 34hpp
cpd16478 CE2953
cpd08857 msa
cpd15142 asn__L
cpd15143 leu__L
cpd15140 pro__L
cpd15141 val__L
cpd03165 hphaccoa
cpd03164 dcholcoa
cpd03163 selmeth
cpd03161 peamn
cpd00918 acg5sa
cpd06227 hpglu
cpd00910 1Dgali
cpd00911 6pgl
cpd27127 gdpfuc
cpd03199 HC01446
cpd03198 melib
cpd03197 HC01444
cpd19505 cpmp
cpd03196 epm
cpd03195 melt
cpd03194 lac6p
cpd03193 HC01440
cpd00906 hexdp
cpd00909 1acpc
cpd00908 g3pe
cpd16497 S_gtrdhdlp
cpd00902 g3pi
cpd00905 ppgpp
cpd00904 dhea
cpd16494 glyc1p
cpd00900 gdpddman
cpd03189 HC01435
cpd03187 HC01434
cpd03185 mndn
cpd27131 l2xser
cpd27180 gmeACP
cpd27182 glyc1p
cpd00939 4ahmmp
cpd15199 2ombzl_5
cpd00938 4cml
cpd15197 2hhxdal
cpd15198 2ohph_5
cpd00932 3psme
cpd00931 5apru
cpd21880 C05302
cpd27186 glycogen
cpd00925 gp4g
cpd00924 ap4a
cpd00926 ans
cpd00921 6ax6ax
cpd00922 1pipdn2c
cpd00930 imacp
cpd11611 acoa
cpd00957 25drapp
cpd00954 6hmhpt
cpd00956 2cpr5p
cpd11606 mqn7
cpd11608 peptide
cpd11601 pectin
cpd00946 unaga
cpd21864 2doxg6p
cpd00945 2dh3dgal6p
cpd21873 2hog
cpd27177 glu__L
cpd11632 photon
cpd00976 didp
cpd00978 dudp
cpd00977 ditp
cpd00982 fadh2
cpd00985 nh4oh
cpd11624 pchol_cho
cpd11620 fdxrd
cpd11621 fdxox
cpd00972 xdp
cpd00971 na1
cpd09331 hco3
cpd11652 pglyc_cho
cpd11651 rbrdxRD
cpd00999 phytol
cpd02700 2mpdhl
cpd02701 amob
cpd19587 decdp
cpd23600 pg180
cpd11640 h2
cpd00986 pqqh2
cpd00989 3ump
cpd00988 3amp
cpd00994 iodine
cpd00996 male
cpd11637 3oacoa
cpd12884 pencilca
cpd15911 unknown_rbfdeg
cpd15912 1msg3p
cpd15910 unknown_cbl1deg
cpd15908 tih2cit
cpd15909 tih3cit
cpd15906 sl__L
cpd15907 slp__L
cpd15904 sec
cpd15905 sf430a
cpd12878 C06453
cpd15902 ptp
cpd15903 r5hbzi
cpd15900 ohepa
cpd15901 ohexa
cpd03919 adocbip
cpd03918 adocbi
cpd03917 adcobhex
cpd03915 co1dam
cpd00888 HC00718
cpd03914 co2dam
cpd03913 hgbam
cpd03912 tyrp
cpd00889 hlys
cpd00895 h4mpt
cpd00894 2dh3dgal
cpd00897 cdp4dh6doglc
cpd03920 agdpcbi
cpd00896 6p2dhglcn
cpd00891 mmcoa__R
cpd00890 uama
cpd11575 mops
cpd15933 bmn
cpd09254 dhcinnm
cpd09253 cenchddd
cpd11576 metox__R
cpd15934 bmnmsh
cpd11577 lanth
cpd15931 arachcoa
cpd11578 hexs
cpd09255 hkntd
cpd15932 arpp
cpd11574 mobd
cpd15928 arabinan
cpd15929 arabinanagalfragund
cpd15926 acysbmn
cpd15927 agalfragund
cpd09252 3hcinnm
cpd15924 PIM5
cpd15925 PIM6
cpd15922 PIM3
cpd09243 k
cpd09242 mg2
cpd15923 PIM4
cpd15920 PIM1
cpd15921 PIM2
cpd02608 HC01254
cpd02605 3c4mop
cpd02612 acmanap
cpd02611 acgam1p
cpd15919 Ac2PIM2
cpd15917 Ac1PIM3
cpd10226 mma
cpd15918 Ac1PIM4
cpd15915 Ac1PIM1
cpd15916 Ac1PIM2
cpd15913 2dmmq6
cpd15914 4hbzACP
cpd15955 galfragund
cpd15956 harab__D
cpd11599 3amba
cpd15953 fmcbtt
cpd15954 frrppdima
cpd15951 dmlgnc
cpd11593 ala_L_asp__L
cpd11594 dextrin
cpd15952 fcmcbtt
cpd11595 cro4
cpd11596 butso3
cpd15950 dmbhn
cpd11590 met_L_ala__L
cpd11591 gly_met__L
cpd22249 trnaala
cpd11592 gly_glu__L
cpd01307 abt__D
cpd02636 4mhetz
cpd01306 cyart
cpd02637 C04295
cpd23586 CE4633
cpd03977 ttrcyc
cpd27940 pcollglys
cpd01311 dtbt
cpd02642 pran
cpd15948 decdr_tb
cpd22250 meoh
cpd15949 dmarach
cpd15946 decdpa_tb
cpd15947 decdpr_tb
cpd11586 ala_L_glu__L
cpd11587 ala_L_gln__L
cpd14614 23dmphol
cpd11588 gly_pro__L
cpd15942 decda_tb
cpd14613 2m6phol
cpd11589 gly_asp__L
cpd15943 decdman1p_tb
cpd11582 ala_L_Thr__L
cpd15940 cmcbtt
cpd11583 CE5866
cpd15941 decd_tb
cpd11585 L_alagly
cpd11580 gly_gln__L
cpd11581 gly_asn__L
cpd03959 atrz
cpd02625 1p3h5c
cpd23597 pe160
cpd23596 pe180
cpd23595 ps160
cpd23594 ps180
cpd02631 dkdi
cpd23599 pgp160
cpd03960 hatrz
cpd23598 pgp180
cpd15939 clpn160190
cpd11579 ethso3
cpd15937 chexccoa
cpd15938 cigam
cpd15935 cdpc16c19g
cpd15936 cdpc19c19g
cpd15977 mfrrppdima
cpd14644 CE2314
cpd15978 mharab__D
cpd15975 meroacidcyc2ACP
cpd15976 meroacidcyc2AMP
cpd15973 meroacidACP
cpd15974 meroacidcyc1ACP
cpd15971 mbhn
cpd15972 mcbtt
cpd15970 marach
cpd01329 malthx
cpd00004 nadh
cpd23564 ppt
cpd00003 nad
cpd00006 nadp
cpd01334 obfool
cpd01335 occoa
cpd02666 4ppcys
cpd00005 nadph
cpd00002 atp
cpd02661 dtdp4addg
cpd00001 oh1
cpd22235 1ag3p_SC
cpd15968 kmycolate
cpd15969 m1ocdca
cpd15966 kmeroacidcyc2ACP
cpd15967 kmeroacidcyc2AMP
cpd15964 kmeroacidACP
cpd09288 tega
cpd15965 kmeroacidcyc1ACP
cpd15962 iacgam
cpd15963 igam
cpd15960 hpmdtria
cpd15961 hpmtria
cpd22238 ade
cpd02649 ak2lgchol_hs
cpd02656 dmlz
cpd01326 lystrna
cpd02654 4mpetz
cpd02653 omaketo
cpd27931 protdt
cpd27930 protds
cpd02651 1pyr5c
cpd15959 homtta
cpd15957 hmocta
cpd15958 hmtria
cpd15999 mssg