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from mol2vec.features import mol2alt_sentence, MolSentence, DfVec, sentences2vec
from gensim.models import Word2Vec
from gensim.models import word2vec
from rdkit import Chem
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
def loadTrainingData():
df = pd.read_csv('../data/KD_data.csv').iloc[:,1:]
df = df[~df['compound_id'].isnull()]
df.index = range(df.shape[0]) # resets index
chembl_reps = pd.read_csv('../data/chembl_24_1_chemreps.txt.gz', sep='\t').set_index('chembl_id')
compound_reps = chembl_reps.loc[df['compound_id'],:]
chembl_reps['chembl_id'] = chembl_reps.index
compound_reps.index = range(compound_reps.shape[0])
finaldf = df.join(compound_reps, rsuffix='_chembl').rename(columns={'canonical_smiles':'smiles'})
return finaldf
def loadTestData():
df = pd.read_csv('../data/round_1_template.csv')
df.rename(columns={'Compound_SMILES':'smiles'}, inplace=True)
return df
def generateEmbeddings(original_df, trained_model):
unique_compounds = original_df[['smiles']].drop_duplicates().dropna()
smiles = list(unique_compounds['smiles'])
smiles = [x.split(';')[0] for x in smiles]
# SMILES to Mol
molecules = [Chem.MolFromSmiles(x) for x in smiles]
# Load previously trained mol2vec model
model = Word2Vec.load(trained_model)
# Convert molecules to sentences and then to embeddings
sentences = [mol2alt_sentence(x, 1) for x in molecules]
vectors = [DfVec(x) for x in sentences2vec(sentences, model, unseen='UNK')]
vec_df = pd.DataFrame(data=np.array([x.vec for x in vectors]))
vec_df.columns = ['mol2vec_' + str(x+1) for x in vec_df.columns.values]
vec_df.index = unique_compounds.index.values # confirm that order in smiles_df is maintained in vec_df in previous steps
# Embeddings with 100 dimensions instead of 300! using model provided in Notebooks repository; model provided in examples doesn't unpickle...
embeddings_df = pd.concat([unique_compounds, vec_df], axis=1)
df = original_df.merge(embeddings_df, how='right', on="smiles").dropna(how='all', axis=1)
return df
def saveEmbeddings(df, output_file, training_set=True):
if training_set:
extra_cols = ['assay_description', 'title', 'journal', 'doc_type', 'annotation_comments', 'pubmed_id', 'detection_tech', 'assay_cell_line'] # extra_cols in training set
df = df[[col for col in df.columns if col not in extra_cols]]
# Remove rows without valid units or null values
good_units = df.standard_units == 'NM'
has_values = ~df.standard_value.isnull()
df = df[good_units & has_values]
df.rename(columns={'smiles':'Compound_SMILES'}, inplace=True)
df.to_csv(output_file, index=False)
return df
# training_df = pd.merge(finaldf, final_descriptor_df, on='smiles', how='right').dropna(how='all', axis=1)
if __name__ == '__main__':
smi = loadTrainingData()
emb_df = generateEmbeddings(smi, 'model_300dim.pkl')
saveEmbeddings(emb_df, '/home/dbaptista/Dropbox/Drug_Kinase_DREAM/data/compound_embeddings_train.csv', training_set=True)
smi2 = loadTestData()
emb_df2 = generateEmbeddings(smi2, 'model_300dim.pkl')
saveEmbeddings(emb_df2, '/home/dbaptista/Dropbox/Drug_Kinase_DREAM/data/compound_embeddings_test.csv', training_set=False)
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